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Unboxing Husqvarna 525BX Commercial Blower

Posted 4/14/2020

After a dozen years, my trusty gas powered leaf blower ceased working.  The piston couldn’t hold any compression.  I started looking for a replacement but I didn’t want to settle for the typical big box units.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s something to be said about picking up a gas powered blower for under $100.  It could be argued that I could get a couple of years out of one then move on to something new.  

I Googled “top leaf blowers” or “best leaf blowers” and two brands always came out on top.  Stihl  and Husqvarna.  What surprised me was while they were old and established brands, their products were mostly manufactured in “PRC”.  PRC is short for the People’s Republic of China.

I found that the price differential between a consumer and commercial grade unit was about $50.  It was a no brainer to research commercial grade units.  They typically sport bigger and more robust power plants.  Better vibration suppression and enclosures.

 At major gardening and landscaping sites, everyone was raving about the Husky 525.  I soon figured out it was the industry slang for Husqvarna.  Husqvarna is a Swedish company that was founded in 1689.  That’s right, 1689!  They started making rifles then went on to make sewing machines and other manufactured good.

 The 525 or 525BX as it is formally known was a new and highly praised blower that everyone was raving about.  The discussions were centered not on the product itself, but how difficult it was to find at local distributors.

 More research confirmed that it was indeed the unit I wanted.  I live in Toronto which is the third largest metropolitan area in North America, so I didn‘t think it would be tough to find one.  I was wrong.  Most commercial vendors could get the unit but would only sell at the wholesale level to gardening or landscaping companies.  Even more of a reason to get one.

I was about to settle on a consumer Stihl when as a last ditch effort, I sent a note to Husqvarna‘s consumer group.  They promptly told me the name of a few local distributors who could help me out.  A local trailer hitch company not only was a licensed distributor, they had the 525BX in stock!  

I found the 525BX locally so now I had to have it.  

I must say it’s an amazing machine.   It‘s very quiet, has anti-vibration suppression and best of all, has considerable power and blowing speed.  It started on the first pull.  After a few years, I still think it’s an amazing blower.

I put together a couple of videos on the unboxing.  Check them out.



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